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16 Feb 1890 by Banns

Joseph Oats 21 Carrier of St. Peters Newlyn (Father: Nicholas Oats, Miner)

Maria Rowe 23 of Madron (Father: Roberts Rowe, Blacksmith)

Witnesses: William Triggs, Fred A Cocks

15 Mar 1890 by Banns

Charles Curnow 22 Labourer of Madron (Father: James Curnow, Labourer)

Mary Jane Elliott 19 of Madron (Father: Alfred Elliott, Miner)

Witnesses: Alfred Elliott, Amelia Elliott

19 Mar 1890 by Banns

George Arnal Hill 29 widower Labourer of Manaccan (Father: James Hill, Deceased)

Annie Cock 27 of Madron (Father: Thomas Cock, Sexton)

Witnesses: Warwick Cock, Jessie Cock

9 Apr 1890 by Banns

Thomas John Newton 27 Footman of Madron (Father: John Newton, Deceased)

Millicent Vercoe 20 of Madron (Father: William Vercoe, Deceased)

Witnesses: Jonathan Chappell, Elizabeth Jane Newton

3 May 1890 by Banns

Charles Richard Roberts 23 Labourer of Madron [Mark] (Father: John Roberts, Labourer)

Minnie Semmens 21 of Madron (Father: Thomas Semmens, Labourer)

Witnesses: Thomas Semmens, Fred A Cocks

17 Jun 1890 by Banns

George Lincoln Gambier Lowe 25 Priest of St. Edmunds, Dudley (Father: Edward Jackson Lower[?], Priest)

Eleanor Trelawny 33 of Polmennor, Madron (Father: Harry Reginald Trelawny, Deceased)

Witnesses: Johana Trelawney, Reginald Kelly

13 Aug 1890 by Banns

William Joseph Edwards 19 Farmer of St. Marys Scilly (Father: Moses Edwards, Farmer)

Mary Maria Rowe 23 of Madron (Father: James Ladner Rowe, Blacksmith)

Witnesses: Robert Matthews Rowe, Martha Noy Hocking

4 Oct 1890 by Banns

William James Matthews 24 Labourer of Madron (Father: William Matthews, Labourer)

Ellen Bowden 25 of Madron (Father: William Bawden, Labourer)

Witnesses: William Matthews, Dorothy Bawden


21 Feb 1891 by Banns

John Colman 24 Stoker of St. Johns, Penzance (Father: John Colman, Deceased)

Florence Dungey Hawkins 23 of Madron (Father: Joseph Hawkins, Farmer)

Witnesses: James Colman, Jane Lawry Hawkins

25 Mar 1891 by Licence

Albert Warren 34 Farmer of St. Buryan (Father: John Warren, Farmer)

Mary Elizabeth White 26 of Madron (Father: John White, Deceased)

Witnesses: John White, Annie White

30 Mar 1891 by Banns

George Lockington 25 Miller of Chyndour,, Madron (Father: Robert Barrow Lockington, Colliery Agent)

Henrietta Maria Hewlett 26 of Rodborough, Glouc (Father: Joseph Hewlett, Deceased)

Witnesses: James Johnson, Lizzie Skelton

16 May 1891 by Banns

William Nicholls 26 Clerk of Madron (Father: Nicholas Thomas Nicholls, Farmer)

Mary Elizabeth Richards 23 of St. Johns, Penzance (Father: James Gendall Richards, Carpenter)

Witnesses: James G Richards, Elizabeth J Nicholls

18 Jul 1891 by Banns

John Hocking Symons 27 Carrier of Madron [Mark] (Father: William Symons, Deceased)

Elizabeth Jane Fry 26 of Madron (Father: John Fry, Shoemaker)

Witnesses: William John Warren, Harriet Louisa Stephens

3 Sep 1891 by Banns

Vivian Tyacke Jacka 29 widower [?] of Esh in Durham (Father: William Jack[?], Retired Farmer)

Katharine Pengelly 29 of Madron (Father: Thomas Williams Pengelly, Market Gardener)

Witnesses: T. W. Pengelly, Agnes Harries, Emily Jacka, Jane G Jacka, Ethel Pengelly, Edward A Glenday

26 Oct 1891 by Banns

Alexander Gibson 23 Draper of St. Johns, Penzance (Father: Alexander Gibson, Farmer)

Janie Doble Roberts 22 of Madron (Father: Benjamin Roberts, Market Gardener)

Witnesses: Benjamin Roberts, George Foster Gibson

17 Dec 1891 by Licence

William Vernon Edwards 25 Farmer of St. Marys Scilly (Father: John Edwards, Farmer)

Emma Rowe 22 of Madron (Father: James Ladner Rowe, Blacksmith)

Witnesses: James Ladner Rowe, E. J. Guy

24 Dec 1891 by Banns

William Henry Burt 21 Blacksmith of Madron (Father: James Burt, Blacksmith)

Ellen Jane Bant 19 of Madron (Father: Joseph Bant, Labourer)

Witnesses: Joseph Bant, Fred A Cocks


6 Feb 1892 by Banns

Frederick Drew 22 Mason of Madron (Father: George Drew, Carrier)

Elizabeth Nicholas Ninnes 19 of Madron (Father: John Care Ninnis, Deceased)

Witnesses: Joseph Henry Drew, Lizzie Drew

5 Mar 1892 by Banns

George James Thomas Richards 24 Carpenter of Madron (Father: John Richards, Poulterer)

Rosina Gendall 26 of Madron (Father: William Gendall, Basket Maker)

Witnesses: William Gendall, Richard Gendall

27 Apr 1892 by Banns

John Tonkin 28 Stoker R.N of Paul (Father: John Tonkin, Fisherman)

Eliza Jane Jenkin 28 of Madron (Father: Thomas Jenkin, Deceased)

Witnesses: John Jenkin, Bessie Jenkins

30 Apr 1892 by Banns

Andrew Leah 28 Labourer of Madron [Mark] (Father: Andrew Leah, Deceased)

Elizabeth Annie Millett 24 of Madron (Father: John Millett, Deceased)

Witnesses: Fred A Cocks, Evangeline Guy

2 May 1892 by Banns

John Rodda 31 widower Butcher of Madron (Father: William Rodda, Butcher)

Priscilla Welch 26 of Madron (Father: Thomas Welch, Deceased)

Witnesses: George Nicholls, Jane Gilbert Howes

7 May 1892 by Banns

Edward Bant 24 Gardener of Madron (Father: Joseph Bant, Labourer)

Catherine Anna Malpass 26 of Madron (Father: Edward Malpass, Farmer)

Witnesses: W. Malpass, Mary Annie Bant

28 May 1892 by Banns

Edward John 27 Fisherman of Ludgvan (Father: Thomas John, Deceased)

Elizabeth Macfarlane 27 of Madron (Father: Thomas Mavfarlane, Deceased)

Witnesses: W. H. Russell, M. A. Berryman

28 May 1892 by Banns

Thomas Davey 21 Driver of Madron (Father: Thomas Davey, Sailor)

Bessie Ann Barnicoat 29 of Madron (Father: Nicholas Barnicoat, Labourer)

Witnesses: Eliza Jane Roberts, W. Wakfer

13 Jun 1892 by Licence

John Reynolds 27 Farmer of Madron (Father: Thomas Reynolds, Deceased)

Edith Kemp 25 of Madron (Father: Paul Kemp, Retired Farmer)

Witnesses: Paul Kemp, Fred A Cocks

25 Jun 1892 by Banns

William Shakerley 21 Pastry Cook of Madron (Father: John Shakerley, Deceased)

Nanny Dale Stevens 22 of Madron (Father: Andrew Edward Stevens, Labourer)

Witnesses: Eliza Stevens, Andrew Friggens

20 Jul 1892 by Banns

Henry James 23 Farmer of Madron (Father: Martin James, Deceased)

Lilly James 21 of Madron (Father: John James, Fisherman)

Witnesses: John James, Annie James

14 Aug 1892 by Licence

Albert Ernest Rowe 27 Market Gardener of Madron (Father: Luke Rowe, Market Gardener)

Elizabeth Jane Allen 27 of Madron (Father: James Allen, Miner)

Witnesses: Fred A Cocks, Elizabth J Guy

25 Sep 1892 by Licence

Matthew Phillips 34 Farmer of St. Buryan (Father: John Phillips, Farmer)

Elizabeth Jane Nicholls 25 of Madron (Father: Nicholas Thomas Nicholls, Farmer)

Witnesses: Nicholas T Nicholls, Fred A Cocks

6 Oct 1892 by Licence

Cecil Richard Robyns Malone 33 Capt.Hmarmy of Curragh Camp, Ireland (Father: Richard Malone, Clerk In Holy Orders)

Nora Downing 30 of Madron (Father: Samuel Theophilus Genn Downing, Deceased)

Witnesses: Richard Downing, Jane Wilmot Malone, C. W. Downing

26 Oct 1892 by Banns

John Nicholas Jelbert 24 Farmer of Madron (Father: John Jelbert, Farmer)

Louisa Frances Martin 20 of Madron (Father: John Martin, Farmer)

Witnesses: John Martin, Fred A Cocks

3 Nov 1892 by Banns

John Kessell 22 Coachman of Madron (Father: Henry White Kessell, Driver)

Eliza Jane Rich 25 of Madron (Father: James Rich, Publican)

Witnesses: James Rich, Emily Rich

27 Nov 1892 by Banns

William James Renowden 22 Coachman of Madron (Father: William Henry Renowden, Labourer)

Annie Hall 21 [Mark] of Madron (Father: John Hall, Deceased)

Witnesses: Robert Rowe, Elizabeth Jane Spargo

22 Dec 1892 by Banns

Richard Joseph Angwin 23 Marble Mason of St. Johns, Penzance (Father: Richrd Corin Angwin, Marble Mason)

Mary Guy 25 of Madron (Father: James Guy, Deceased)

Witnesses: James Guy, Evangeline Guy

22 Dec 1892 by Banns

John Cotton Warren 28 Mariner of Madron (Father: Andrew Warren, Mariner)

Bessie Harvey Keatt 26 widow of Madron (Father: William Ninnis, Mariner)

Witnesses: Alfred Stinton, Grace Ninnis

26 Dec 1892 by Banns

Stephen James Jelbert 25 Labourer of Madron (Father: Richard Jelbert, Deceased)

Mary Jane Roberts 21 of Madron (Father: Thomas Roberts, Farmer)

Witnesses: Bessie Reynolds, Fred A Cocks


26 Mar 1893 by Licence

George Hughes 30 Engine Man of St. Johns, Penzance (Father: James Hughes, Deceased)

Annie Maddern 34 of Madron (Father: George Maddern, Gardener)

Witnesses: George Maddern, Fred A Cocks

8 Apr 1893 by Banns

William John Gendall 23 Tailor of Madron (Father: William Gendall, Basket Maker)

Bessie Rich 24 of Madron (Father: John Rich, Labourer)

Witnesses: William Gendall, George J. T. Richards

9 Apr 1893 by Banns

Frederick Edmund Anstey 21 Stonemason of Madron (Father: Edmund Anstey, Stonemason)

Susan Mary Hampton 20 of Madron (Father: William Henry Hampton, Labourer)

Witnesses: Robert Hampton, Lillian F Anstey

28 May 1893 by Banns

Nicholas Henry Searle 27 Mason of Madron [Mark] (Father: William Searle, Mason)

Eliza Morris 32 widow [Mark] of Madron (Father: William Trembath, Deceased)

Witnesses: Sarah Drew, W. H. Walters

26 Aug 1893 by Banns

Isaac Penberthy 23 Policeman of Madron (Father: William Penberthy, Gardener)

Elizabeth Ann Corin 22 of Madron (Father: Richard Corin, Gardener)

Witnesses: William Penberthy, Maggie Corin

23 Sep 1893 by Banns

William Major 27 Mason of Madron (Father: Barzillai Major, Deceased)

Mary Jane Matthews 27 of Madron (Father: John Matthews, Deceased)

Witnesses: John Charles Matthews, Robert Bishop, Henry Davy

21 Oct 1893 by Banns

James Henry Vingoe 23 Labourer of Madron (Father: John Vingoe, Deceased)

Bessie James 27 of Madron (Father: Martin James, Farmer)

Witnesses: Martin James, Catherine James

11 Nov 1893 by Banns

William John Trembath 22 Labourer of Madron (Father: William Trembath, Deceased)

Bessie Reynolds 21 of Madron (Father: Henry Reynolds, Keeper)

Witnesses: Henry Renolds, Charles Dale

18 Nov 1893 by Banns

William James Hancock 24 Carpenter of Madron (Father: William James Hancock, Carpenter)

Esther Jeffery 21 of Madron (Father: Robert Leggo Jeffery, Engineer)

Witnesses: Charles Tonkin, Annie Jeffery

9 Dec 1893 by Banns

Richard Tonkin 21 Mason of Madron (Father: William Henry Tonkin, Fisherman)

Elizabeth White 19 of Madron (Father: William Wite, Miner, Deceased)

Witnesses: Thomas Tonkin, Hannah Tonkin

10 Dec 1893 by Banns

William Corin Downing Cooper 28 Merchant of Madron (Father: Elias Goliath Cooper, Merchant)

Emily Menneer 22 of St. Pauls, Penzance (Father: Charles Menneer, Builder)

Witnesses: Charles Menneer, George Charles Meneer


10 Feb 1894 by Banns

William George Maddern 23 Gardener of Madron (Father: John Maddern, Deceased)

Mary Anne Olds 28 [Mark] of St. Marys, Penzance (Father: Richard Olds, Miner)

Witnesses: W. H. Walters, [?] Guy

25 Mar 1894 by Banns

William Henry Richards 22 Mason of Heamoor (Father: William Richards, Miller)

Elizabeth Stevens 22 of Madron (Father: Andrew Stevens, Earth Stopper)

Witnesses: Eliza Stevens, Charles Dale

16 Mar 1894 by Banns

James Hawke 35 Housepainter of Liskeard (Father: William Hawke, Housepainter)

Mary Pollard 24 of Madron (Father: John Pollard, Miner, Deceased)

Witnesses: William Gendall, John Whitford

31 Mar 1894 by Banns

John Eddy 22 Printer of Madron (Father: James Eddy, Carrier)

Charlotte Ann Bulger 20 of St. Marys, Penzance (Father: Richard Bulger, Soldier, Deceased)

Witnesses: John Carter, Minnie Eddy

1 Apr 1894 by Banns

James Roberts 20 Labourer of New St., Penzance [Mark] (Father: John Roberts, Labourer)

Ruth Lucy Oates 22 of Madron (Father: Thomas Oates, Labourer)

Witnesses: Richard Oates, Isabel James

19 May 1894 by Banns

Richard Hall 27 Labourer of Tremethack (Father: Thomas Hall, Deceased)

Mary Jane Berryman 24 of Tremathack (Father: Richard Berryman, Wheelwright)

Witnesses: Richard Berryman, Elizabeth Berryman

31 May 1894 by Licence

Robert Thomas 25 Fruit Merchant of Madron (Father: Robert Henwood Thomas, Market Gardener)

Hilda Mary Uren 22 of Gulval (Father: William Uren, Farmer)

Witnesses: Richard D Thomas, Katie Uren

14 Jul 1894 by Banns

John Charles Matthews 26 Gardener of Madron (Father: John Matthews, Deceased)

Mary Pascoe 25 of Madron (Father: John Pascoe, Miner)

Witnesses: William Veale, Bessie Pascoe

16 Jul 1894 by Banns

Arthur Richard Uren 19 Butcher of St. Pauls, Penzance (Father: William Uren, Deceased)

Mary Carkeet Whear 17 of Madron (Father: Nathaniel Coulson Whear, Sanitary Inspector)

Witnesses: Nathaniel Coulson Whear, Stephen George Gothridge Uren

5 Aug 1894 by Banns

Frederick James Griffiths 23 Painter of Madron (Father: William Griffiths, Mariner, Deceased)

Mary Jenkin 21 of Madron (Father: Thomas Jenkin, Farmer, Deceased)

Witnesses: John Moyle, W. H. Walters

14 Aug 1894 by Banns

Daniel John Waters 29 Farmer of Madron (Father: Richard Waters, Deceased)

Ruth Hutchens Green 22 of Madron (Father: James Green, Farmer)

Witnesses: James Green, William Giles Reynods

5 Sep 1894 by Banns

Thomas Olds 21 St Just (Father: Peter Olds, Butcher)

Eliza Tippet Jelbert 18 of Madron (Father: John Jelbert, Farmer)

Witnesses: Peter Olds, John Jelbert

17 Sep 1894 by Licence

Cesare Lucidi 24 Naval Engineer of Madron (Father: Joseph Lucidi, Cawzer[?], Deceased)

Caroline Elizabeth Rosa Scorza 24 of Madron (Father: Ferdinand Scoza[?], Shipbroker)

Witnesses: W. H. Walters, Charles Mansell


5 Feb 1895 by Banns

Charles Cooke 34 Cashier of Blackford By L[?] (Father: Stephen Cooke, Schoolmaster)

Fanny Louisa Swain 24 of Madron (Father: Robert Swain, Surveyor)

Witnesses: Robert Swain, Anne Swainr, James R B Swain

12 Feb 1895 by Banns

Charles Osborne 24 Coachman of St. Tudy (Father: John Osborne, Labourer)

Elizabeth Uren 29 of Heamoor (Father: George Uren, Labourer)

Witnesses: Walter Harvy, Clement Uren

23 Feb 1895 by Banns

William Thomas Hall 30 Labourer of Madron (Father: Thomas Hall, Labourer, Deceased)

Mary Margaret Warren 37 of Madron (Father: James Waarren, Labourer)

Witnesses: W. H. Walters, Elizabeth J Guy

31 Mar 1895 by Banns

Edwin Hocking 22 Mason of Madron

Maria Dale 22 of Madron (Father: James Dale, Labourer)

Witnesses: James Dale, Nannie Dale

22 May 1895 by Banns

William Green Ellis 42 widower Miner of Kerrow (Father: Henry Ellis, Farmer)

Grace Tregear 50 widow of Kerrow (Father: Richard Green, Miller)

Witnesses: W. H. Walters, Elizabeth J Guy

29 May 1895 by Banns

John Berriman 22 Farm Labourer of Penzance (Father: John Mark Berriman, Dairyman)

Bessie Bennetts 26 of Church Town, Madron (Father: Richard Bennetts, Miner)

Witnesses: Thomas Richards, Winifred Mabel George

19 Jun 1895 by Banns

William James Hicks 22 Gardener of St. Mary'S Scilly (Father: Obadiah Hicks, Carpenter)

Minnie Gendall 23 of Heamoor (Father: William Gendall, Postman)

Witnesses: William Gendall, Ellen Gendall

17 Jul 1895 by Banns

William Henry Nicholls 28 Labourer of Heamoor (Father: William Henry Nicholls, Labourer)

Eliza Jane Roberts 27 of Heamoor (Father: John Roberts, Coachman)

Witnesses: J. Thomas, Mary Curnow

22 Sep 1895 by Banns

Arthur Keen 21 Labourer of Heamoor (Father: John Keen, Cutter)

Mary Nicholas 22 of Heamoor (Father: Alfred Nicholas, Labourer)

Witnesses: W. H. Walters, Elizabeth J Guy

22 Oct 1895 by Banns

William Oliver 39 widower Compositor of 22 Alverton St. (Father: William Oliver, Gardener)

Emily Rowe 27 of Alverton (Father: Luke Rowe, Market Gardener)

Witnesses: George Thomas Rowe, Elizabeth Rose

30 Nov 1895 by Banns

Mark Cott 60 widower Coachman of Castle Hornick (Father: Thomas Cott, Coachman)

Elizabeth Ann Holmes 42 of Madron Vicarage (Father: Michael Holmes, Farmer)

Witnesses: W. H. Walters, [?] Guy


7 Mar 1896 by Banns

John Caddy 38 widower Miner of Pontypridd (Father: John Caddy, Miner)

Nannie Nicholls 38 widow of Chyandour (Father: Henry Rosewarne, Miner)

Witnesses: W. H. Walters, Elizabeth J Guy

7 Mar 1896 by Banns

Clement Uren 27 Farm Labourer of Heamoor (Father: George Uren, Farm Labourer)

Ellen Jane Treman Hutchens 30 [Mark] of Madron (Father: William Hutchins, Farm Labourer)

Witnesses: William Hutchens, Selina Harry

4 Apr 1896 by Banns

George Hawes 23 Labourer of Heamoor (Father: Samuel Hawes, Labourer)

Mary Jane Nicholls 29 of Heamoor (Father: William Henry Nicholls, Labourer)

Witnesses: James Nicholls, Lily Hawes

25 Apr 1896 by Banns

Sidney Tippett 23 Farm Labourer of Treneer (Father: Joseph Tippett, Stonecutter)

Ellen Gendall 21 of Heamoor (Father: William Gendall, Postman)

Witnesses: W. Gendall, Bessie Carter

3 May 1896 by Banns

Edwin Searle 20 Sailor of Wherrytown [Mark] (Father: William Searle, Mason)

Mary Annie Lavers 19 of Wherrytown (Father: John Oats Lavers, Builder)

Witnesses: Nicholas Searle, Ethel Morris

2 Jun 1896 by Banns

Charles Thodore Pargiter full age Clerk In Holy Orders of Edgbaston, Birmingham (Father: Robert Pargiter, Clerk In Holy Orders)

Catharine Elizabeth Borlase full age of The Coombe, Madron (Father: Walter Borlase, Attorney)

Witnesses: C. Edgar, A. Pargiter, Maria B Borlase

6 Jun 1896 by Banns

William Thomas James 22 Labourer of Madron (Father: William James, Labourer)

Ann Bone Christopher 22 of Madron (Father: William Christopher, Farmer)

Witnesses: Thomas Christopher, William Christopher

27 Jun 1896 by Banns

Vivian Daniel full age Potato Merchant of St. Johns, Penzance (Father: Henry Daniel, Potato Merchant)

Kate Condy full age of Madron (Father: Joseph Condy, Carpenter)

Witnesses: John Sampson, Alexandrina Mickard[?]

5 Sep 1896 by Banns

Thomas John Ellis 24 Miner of St. Marys Scilly (Father: John Thomas Ellis, Miner)

Thomasine Jenkins 21 of Higher Boscarthen (Father: Thomas Jenkins, Farmer)

Witnesses: Kate Jenkins, Thomas Rowe

14 Sep 1896 by Banns

Thomas Rowe 22 Miner of Boswarthen (Father: John Rowe, Miner)

Annie Jenkins 19 of Boswarthen (Father: Thomas Jenkins, Farmer)

Witnesses: William Richard Barnes, Kate Jenkin

26 Sep 1896 by Banns

Edward James Cotton (Jnr) 32 Fisherman of Newlyn St. Peters (Father: Edward James Cotton, Fisherman)

Martha Helena Bawden 30 of Madron (Father: John Bawden, Deceased)

Witnesses: James Henry Sandry, Eliza B Cotton

1 Oct 1896 by Licence

John Francis Peach 39 Market Gardener of Heamoor (Father: John Peach, Railway Superintendent)

Kate Roberts Tresise 35 of Gulval (Father: John Tresise, Carrier)

Witnesses: [?] Louisa Annie Peach

25 Dec 1896 by Banns

Ernest Walters Longney Greenway 22 Seaman of Saul, Gloucester (Father: Amos Greenway, Mason)

Naomi Kidd 21 of Wherrytown, Madron (Father: Robert Kidd, Fireman)

Witnesses: Robert Drew Kidd, Mary Evelyn Kidd


30 Jan 1897 by Banns

Edwin Gilbert 29 widower Labourer of Heamoor (Father: William Gilbert, Miner)

Emily Rich 26 of Heamoor (Father: James Rich, Publican)

Witnesses: J Rich, Elizabeth Gilbert

4 Apr 1897 by Banns

John Wills 24 Carter of 2 Thornbury Tce., Penzance (Father: Thomas Wills, Carter)

Elizabeth Coak 24 of Chyandour (Father: Edwin Coak, Labourer)

Witnesses: S. Duncalf, A. S. Richards

16 Jun 1897 by Licence

Robert Henry Kidd 23 Sailor of Wherrytown (Father: Robert Drew Kidd, Fireman)

Bessie Basher 23 of 3 Lescudjack Rd, Penzance (Father: John Basher, Carpenter)

Witnesses: Robert Drew Kidd, Annie Kidd

27 Jun 1897 by Banns

Thomas Willey Cogan 21 Labourer of Church Town,, Madron (Father: Richard Cogan, Labourer)

Geraldine Elizabeth Alice Tippett 19 of Church Town (Father: William Tippett, Carpenter)

Witnesses: Mathew S Sutton, Levena Tippett

3 Jul 1897 by Banns

James Henry Dale 26 Gardener of Church Town (Father: James Dale, Labourer)

Sarah Stevens 20 of Church Town, Madron (Father: Henry Stevens, Earth Stopper)

Witnesses: M. R. Dale, E. Stevens

2 Oct 1897 by Banns

William Dale 25 Cowman of Madron (Father: Charles Dale, Farmer)

Edith Salman 27 of 5 Clarence Place, Penzance (Father: John Salmon[?], Hind)

Witnesses: Charles Dale, John Salmon

3 Oct 1897 by Banns

William Robert Carpenter 23 Driver of Heamoor (Father: William Carpenter, Mason)

Mary Richards Keverne 22 of Heamoor (Father: John Keverne, Farmer)

Witnesses: John Keverne, Agnes Carpenter

30 Oct 1897 by Licence

Philip Orchard 27 Blacksmith of Plymouth (Father: William Orchard, Blacksmith)

Elizabeth Jane Berryman 20 of Church Town (Father: William Berryman, Farm Labourer)

Witnesses: John Berryman, Mary Jane Elizabeth Orchard

21 Nov 1897 by Banns

Richard Henry Rowe 27 Labourer of Chyandour,, Madron (Father: Charles Rowe, Labourer)

Edith Allen 30 [Mark] of Chyandour (Father: Edith Allen, Farm Labourer)

Witnesses: George Allen, W. H. Walters

1 Dec 1897 by Licence

Charles Lawrence Taylor 22 Ironmonger of 1 Victoria Tce (Father: Sampson Rowe Taylor, Ironmonger)

Theodora Beckerleg 21 of 6 Alverton Tce. (Father: Barlow Beckerleg, Mariner)

Witnesses: Sampson Taylor, W. J. Strick

25 Dec 1897 by Banns

Albert George Newton 29 Miner of Church Town (Father: Henry Newton, Miner)

Zenobia Berriman Daniel 24 of Church Town (Father: John Daniel, Miner)

Witnesses: John Daniel, Janie Daniel


5 Mar 1898 by Banns

Albert Edward Leah 25 Labourer of Heamoor (Father: Andrew Leah, Labourer)

Alice Jane Williams 24 of Heamoor (Father: William Thomas Williams, Labourer)

Witnesses: Trevenen Williams, Jessie Williams

13 Apr 1898 by Banns

Frank Charles Mitchell 32 Publican of Heamoor (Father: William Henry Mitchell, Hotel Keeper)

Elizabeth Williams 25 of Mounts Bay Hotel, Penzance (Father: William Williams, Railway Man)

Witnesses: W. Williams, Mary Ann Williams, J. Warren

1 Jun 1898 by Banns

Frederick Berryman 29 Gardener of Buryas Bridge,, Madron (Father: John Henry Berryman, Coachman)

Elizabeth Johns Jewell 22 of 10 Cornwall Tce., Penzance (Father: Benjamin Trewhella Jewell, Tailor)

Witnesses: Solomon Jewell, E. Berryman

30 Jun 1898 by Banns

Charles Dale 29 Groom of Trengwainton (Father: Charles Dale, Farmer)

Elizabeth Giddings 25 of Trengwainton (Father: Ambrose Giddings, Labourer)

Witnesses: Richard Cock, Sarah Dale

29 Oct 1898 by Banns

Richard Henry Dennis 23 Gardener of Truro (Father: William Dennis, Sailor)

Laura Matthews 25 of Church Town, Madron (Father: William Matthews, Labourer)

Witnesses: William James Matthews, Elizabeth Matthews

12 Nov 1898 by Banns

George Henry Worsley 28 Plumber of Church Town,, Madron (Father: Isaac Worsley, Gardener)

Sarah Dale 22 of Church Town, Madron (Father: Charles Dale, Farmer)

Witnesses: Charles Dale, Mary Dale

17 Dec 1898 by Banns

David Janson Warren 21 Railway Fireman of Chyandour (Father: John Warren, Signalman)

Minnie Pellew 23 of Chyandour (Father: William Pellew, Tin Smelter)

Witnesses: W. Pellew, Dorcas Pellew

17 Dec 1898 by Banns

William Semmens 25 Postman of Gulval (Father: Thomas Semmens, Labourer)

Mary Reynolds 24 of Madron (Father: John Reynolds, Farm Labourer)

Witnesses: John Brewer, Emily Reynolds

26 Dec 1898 by Banns

William Adams James 21 Ironmonger of 16 Drake St., Plymouth (Father: John Henry James, Ironmonger)

Catharine Roberts 22 of Trenneer (Father: Benjamin Roberts, Farmer)

Witnesses: John H Davy James, Benjamin Roberts

26 Dec 1898 by Banns

John Oates Lavers 50 widower Mason of Wherrytown,, Madron (Father: John Reynolds Lavers, Farmer)

Emma Reardon 40 of Wherrytown (Father: Simon Reardon, Coastguard)

Witnesses: George Henry Reardon, Alvina Reardon


1 Jan 1899 by Banns

William Richard Dale James 29 Labourer of Madron

Eliza Stevens 24 of Madron (Father: Andrew Stevens, Earth Stopper)

Witnesses: Andrew Edward Stevens, Richard Stevens

18 Mar 1899 by Banns

Thomas Henry Trewern 22 Gardener of Tremethick Cross (Father: Richard Trewern, Labourer)

Elizabeth Florence Thomas 21 of Church Town, Madron

Witnesses: Charles Sleeman, Emma Thomas

2 Apr 1899 by Banns

George James 30 Labourer of Wesley St., Heamoor (Father: George James, Fisherman)

Bessie Green 31 of Wesley St., Heamoor (Father: Richard Green, Miner)

Witnesses: James Henry Roberts Morrifield, Sarah Morrish James

10 Apr 1899 by Banns

Frank William Herrington 24 Mariner of Heamoor (Father: William Herrington, Mariner)

Louisa Williams 21 [Mark] of Heamoor (Father: Donald Williams, Labourer)

Witnesses: John Rowe, Martha Williams

22 Apr 1899 by Banns

William James Bant 28 Stone Breaker of Church Town (Father: Joseph Bant, Stone Breaker)

Sarah Jane Curnow 24 of Church Town (Father: James Curnow, Labourer)

Witnesses: John Francis Curnow, Elizabeth White

20 May 1899 by Banns

James George Thomas 22 Groom of Heamoor (Father: William Henry Thomas, Cochman)

Ada Berryman 23 of Heamoor (Father: Richard Berryman, Coach Builder)

Witnesses: Richard Berryman, Elizabeth Berryman

4 Jun 1899 by Banns

John Thomas Hicks 24 Carrier of Heamoor (Father: William Hicks, Foreman Gwrailway)

Cecilia Searle 28 of Heamoor (Father: William Searle, Mason)

Witnesses: William John Searle, Emma Searle

27 Aug 1899 by Banns

Philip John Richards 38 Tailor of Wherrytown (Father: Charles Hocking Richards, Tailor)

Mary Jane Hancock 35 of 9 Alexandra Tce., Penzance (Father: William Hancock, China Clay Worker)

Witnesses: Thomas Richards, Lily Down

2 Sep 1899 by Banns

John Johns 23 Seaman of Heamoor (Father: Peter Johns, Gardener)

Rose Butcher 22 of Heamoor (Father: Edward John Butcher, Gardener)

Witnesses: William George John, Therresa Day[?]

19 Sep 1899 by Licence

Henry John Cossentine full age widower Farmer/Landowner of Lanteglos By Fowey (Father: Henry Cossentine, Farmer/Landowneer)

Constance Maud Peach 23 of Heamoor (Father: Arthur Peach, Accountant)

Witnesses: Arthur Peach, John Peach, Wm Andrews

28 Sep 1899 by Banns

Thomas Henry Tregear 27 son of Carnmeal, Breage (Father: William Tregear, Miner)

Grace Friggens 28 of Heamoor (Father: John Friggens, Miner)

Witnesses: John Friggens, W. G. Peak

4 Oct 1899 by Licence

William Weekes 29 Gardener of 15 St. Austell St., Truro (Father: Thomas Weekes, Carpenter)

Rebecca Hosking Trembath 32 of Heamoor (Father: Richard Trembath, Farmer)

Witnesses: Richard Trembath, Margaret Jane Trembath

9 Oct 1899 by Banns

John Penrose 26 Butcher of 31 Alverton St, Penzance (Father: William Henry Penrose, Butcher)

Mary Jane Jennings 26 of Hea Cottages (Father: George Jennings, Butcher)

Witnesses: G. Jennings, Annie Jennings

21 Oct 1899 by Banns

William Thomas Chappell 23 Gardener of Tregan Loe, Sancreed (Father: George Chappell, Farmer, Deceased)

Elizabeth Berryman 25 of Nevada Tce., Heamoor (Father: Richard Berryman, Wheelwright)

Witnesses: Richard Berryman, Julia Berryman

31 Oct 1899 by Banns

Nicholas Richards Davies 32 Sailor of Newlyn St. Peters (Father: James Davies, Shipwright)

Elizabeth Reynolds 27 of Jamaica Tce., Heamoor (Father: Martin Reynolds, Labourer)

Witnesses: B. H. Reynolds, R. H. Davies

4 Nov 1899 by Banns

John Martin 23 Blacksmith of Trewern (Father: John Martin, Farmer)

Mary Jane Eddy 25 of Carthew (Father: James Eddy, Farmer)

Witnesses: Robert Martin, Mary Rowe

30 Nov 1899 by Banns

Ernest Strike Darley 25 Lay Reader of View House, Cawsand, Rame (Father: Jabez Darley, Civil Service)

Lucy Augusta Hawke 22 of Wherrytown (Father: Alexander Hawke, Hotel Keeper)

Witnesses: Alexander Hawke, John Nicholls

4 Dec 1899 by Banns

James Green 26 Miner of Great Bosullow,, Madron (Father: James Green, Farmer)

Eliza Jane Matthews 24 of Gt. Bosullow (Father: William Matthews, Farmer)

Witnesses: W. H. Walters, Mary Angwin


3 Feb 1900 by Banns

Richard Henry Reynolds 26 Wheelwright of Heamoor

Annie Jane Berryman 23 of Heamoor (Father: William Henry Berryman, Gardener)

Witnesses: Richard Hicks, Lily Berryman

25 Apr 1900 by Licence

Charles Ernest Thorp Hanley 26 Gentleman of Madron (Father: Sylvanus Charles Thorp Hanley, Tradesman)

Edith Denley 26 of 1 Albert St., Penzance (Father: Joseph Denley, Coal Merchant)

Witnesses: J. F. Opeak, Jose Denley

23 May 1900 by Banns

William Henry Powell Horwell 30 Soldier of Wrexham (Father: John Horwell, Tradesman)

Roselinda Morris 21 of Madron (Father: Joseph Morris, Miller)

Witnesses: Ethel Morris, W. H. Walters

8 Sep 1900 by Licence

William George Uren 23 Baker of 18 Prospect Place, Penzance (Father: William George Uren, Labourer)

Lilyan Maddern 22 of Madron (Father: John Maddern, Labourer)

Witnesses: John Charles Matthews, W. H. Walters

9 Oct 1900 by Banns

Alfred Lutey 29 Farmer of Carfury, Gulval (Father: Richard Lutey, Farmer)

Mary Elizabeth Ivey 23 of Lesingey, Madron (Father: Thomas Ivey, Farmer)

Witnesses: Thomas Ivey, Thomas Lutey, Annie Ivey

18 Oct 1900 by Banns

Frederick Watts 23 Farm Labourer of St. Marys I.O Scilly (Father: Thomas John Watts, Farm Labourer)

Catherine Jenkin 27 of Church Town (Father: Thomas Jenkin, Farmer)

Witnesses: Thomas Rowe, Louie Jenkin, Annie Rowe

9 Dec 1900 by Banns

Willlam Matthews Lawry 27 Gardener of Church Town

Bessie Rowe 25 of Church Town (Father: John Rowe, Miner)

Witnesses: Richard Henry Rowe, Janie Rowe


31 Mar 1901 by Banns

William Tonkin 23 Carman of Wherrytown (Father: Nicholas Tonkin, Hawker)

Ethel Jane Morris 18 of Wherrytown (Father: Job Morris, Miller)

Witnesses: Nicholas Searle, Janie Trannack

6 Apr 1901 by Banns

William Henry Jenkin 27 Blacksmith of Madron (Father: William Jenry Jenkin, Blacksmith)

Martha Jane Dennis 27 of Heamoor (Father: William Dennis, Sailor)

Witnesses: Thomas John Dennis, William George Dennis

20 Apr 1901 by Banns

Charles Davis 35 Miner of Troon Treslothan (Father: Charles Davis, Assayer)

Ada Guy 23 of Boswarthen (Father: Benjamin Guy, Farmer)

Witnesses: Simon Davies, Laura Guy

21 May 1901 by Banns

Maurice Hamilton May 20 Footman of Madron (Father: Henry May, Farm Labourer)

Mary Ann Thomas 37 widow of Madron (Father: John Matthews, Farm Labourer)

Witnesses: Cathleen Thomas, Francis William Haines

22 Jun 1901 by Banns

John Frances Curnow 28 Labourer of Church Town (Father: James Curnow, Labourer)

Elizabeth White 26 of Madron (Father: Richard White, Mason)

Witnesses: James White, William Bant

24 Jun 1901 by Banns

Charles Thomas 27 Mason of Mylor (Father: William Thomas, Mason)

Hettie Jane Williams 32 of Madron (Father: Samuel Williams, Miner)

Witnesses: Charlotte Amelia Woodfield, Mark Tallack

6 Jul 1901 by Banns

Edwin James Jilbert 23 Farmer of Boskinning (Father: Charles Jilbert, Farmer)

Honor Jilbert White 24 of Lathenwearne[?] (Father: John White, Farmer)

Witnesses: W. Thomas White, Bessie White

27 Jul 1901 by Banns

John Charles Barnes 27 Driver of Wherrytown (Father: William Barnes, Labourer)

Emma Maddern 20 of Madron (Father: John Maddern, Miner)

Witnesses: Isaac Maddern, Annie Maddern

7 Aug 1901 by Banns

Samuel Richards 24 Blacksmith of 6 Carnes Buildings, Penzance (Father: Samuel Richards, Shopkeeper)

Mary Margaret Corin 24 of Heamoor (Father: Richard Corin, Farmer)

Witnesses: David Eddy, Gracie Eddy

17 Aug 1901 by Banns

William Shakerley Worth 29 Draper of 181 St. James Rd., Croydon (Father: Richard Thomas Worth, Chemist)

Florence Jane Rowe 19 of Madron (Father: George Thomas Rowe, Farmer)

Witnesses: George Thomas Rowe, Herbert Corbett Staniland

28 Aug 1901 by Banns

Henry Blewett 19 Labourer of Gulval (Father: John Blewett, Labourer)

Ann Banfield 19 of Heamoor (Father: Richard Barfield, Mason)

Witnesses: Fredrick Charles Barfield, Richard John Blewett

2 Oct 1901 by Banns

William Rodda 28 Railway Official of 65 Albert St., Queens Pk., London W (Father: Richard Rodda, Assayer)

Evelyn Harriet Tregarthen Chappell 20 of Heamoor (Father: William Henry Tregarten Chappell, Coachman)

Witnesses: W. Reynolds, W. H. Chappell

16 Oct 1901 by Banns

Thomas White Christopher 23 Labourer of Bosullow,, Madron (Father: William Christopher, Miner)

Elizabeth Jenkin Trudgen 20 of Bosullow, Madron (Father: Thomas Trudgen, [?])

Witnesses: Stehen H Jenkins, Annie James

19 Oct 1901 by Banns

Richard Thomas Tonkin 28 Carrier of Madron (Father: Richard Tonkin, Miner)

Florence Selina Stewart 24 of Madron (Father: Richard Brewer Stewart, Warehouseman)

Witnesses: Richard Stewart, Mary Stewart

24 Nov 1901 by Banns

Thomas John Richards 23 Tailor of Wherrytown (Father: Thomas Henry Richards, Mason)

Susan Oliver Pollard 19 of Wherrytown (Father: Thomas Price Pollard, Fishermand)

Witnesses: Richard Pollard, Hilda Jane Pollard

25 Dec 1901 by Banns

Arthur William Turrell 22 Fisherman of Helver, Wrangford (Father: Fred Turrell, Roadsman)

Mary Evelyn Minnie Kidd 21 of Wherrytown (Father: Robert Drew Kidd, Fireman)

Witnesses: Robert D Kidd, Sarah Ann Smith

29 Dec 1901 by Banns

Alfred Bickford 22 Mason of Heamoor (Father: William Bickford, Mariner)

Janie Williams 19 of Heamoor (Father: James Williams, Mariner)

Witnesses: Richard Williams, Rosina Williams


23 Feb 1902 by Banns

Edward Inkerman Green 46 widower Labourer of Heamoor (Father: Ambrose Green, Pilot)

Annie Renfree 40 widow of Heamoor (Father: Frederick Lazarus, Hawker)

Witnesses: William Hosking, W. H. Walters

16 Mar 1902 by Banns

Philip Thomas 21 Labourer of Madron (Father: John Thomas, Labourer)

Annie Jane Martins 23 of Madron

Witnesses: William Semmens, Eliza Andrews

8 Apr 1902 by Banns

William Frederick Thomas 21 Gardener of Madron (Father: George Henry Thomas, Gardener)

Elizabeth Jane Stevens 23 of Penrose Tce. (Father: Richard Stevens, Shoemaker)

Witnesses: Maurice Hamilton May, Cathleen Thomas

12 Jul 1902 by Banns

Thomas John Pellew 26 Stone Mason of 4 St. Marys St, Penzance (Father: Israel Pellew, Stonemason)

Catherine Jane Jeffery 26 of 20 Alma Place (Father: Robert Leggo Jeffery, Engineer)

Witnesses: William R Jeffery, Maria L Jeffery

27 Jul 1902 by Banns

Samuel Northey Kemp 20 Labourer of Madron (Father: Samuel Kemp, Gardener)

Myra Ida Laity 19 of Madron (Father: William Laity, Railwayman)

Witnesses: [?] Guy, W. H. Walters

3 Aug 1902 by Banns

William Henry Nicholls 18 Carrier of Holly Tce., Heamoor (Father: William Henry Nicholls, Stone Mason)

Elizabeth Maddern 19 of Heamoor (Father: Owen Maddern, Market Gardeenr)

Witnesses: Owen Leonard Maddern, Ellen Manin Hearden[?]

7 Oct 1902 by Banns

William Thomas Reynolds 26 Market Gardener of Paul (Father: William Thomas Reynolds, Farmer)

Edith Jane Hall 24 of Roswednan, Madron (Father: John Charles Hall, Farmer)

Witnesses: John C Hall, Frederick Reynolds

12 Oct 1902 by Banns

George Charles Reardon 23 Sailor of Wherrytown (Father: Henry Reardon, Carpenter)

Rosina Williams 21 of Heamoor (Father: James Williams, Sailor)

Witnesses: Herbert Charles Tenbeth, Elizabeth Ellen Tenbeth

2 Nov 1902 by Licence

Charles Giles 23 Footman of Powdeerham (Father: John Giles, Farm Bailiff)

Edith Florence Jeffery 23 of Heamoor (Father: Robert Jeffery, Engineer)

Witnesses: Charles Tonkin, Maria Leggo Jeffery

29 Dec 1902 by Banns

Frederick Pinkney 30 Fisherman of Mulford, Suffolk (Father: Edward Pinkney, Fisherman)

Lilian Trewern 20 of Heamooor (Father: Richard Trewern, Labourer)

Witnesses: W. H. Walters, Elizabeth Guy

30 Dec 1902 by Banns

John Ellis 26 Miner of Heamoor (Father: Pascoe Ellis, Miner)

Barbara Hall Hutchens 19 of Heamoor (Father: William James Hutchens, Miner)

Witnesses: William James Hutchins, George James Eddy


28 Mar 1903 by Banns

Albert Martin 38 widower Tailor of 32 High St., Penzance (Father: Albert Martin, Sawyer)

Clara Jane Williams 24 of Heamoor (Father: Jos. Thos. Williams)

Witnesses: Samuel Charles Paul, Edith Pearce

11 Apr 1903 by Banns

John James Chappell 20 Labourer of Heamoor (Father: James Chappell, Quarryman)

Elizabeth Harvey Carne 19 of Tolcarne (Father: John Harvey Carne, Labourer)

Witnesses: James Carne, Alice Maud Mary Chappel

27 Jun 1903 by Banns

Richard James Nicholls 24 Labourer of Heamoor (Father: William Henry Nicholls, Labourer, Deceased)

Ellen Rich 18 of Heamoor (Father: James Rich, Public House Keeper, Deceased)

Witnesses: Walter Lawry Rich, Lillie [?]

29 Jun 1903 by Banns

John Berryman Richards 25 Hairdresser of St. Ives (Father: Thomas Richards.Decd, Miner)

Elizabeth Jane Tonkin 24 of Tregavera,, Madron (Father: Thomas Tonkin, Labourer)

Witnesses: Thomas Tonkin, Mary Tonkin

12 Aug 1903 by Banns

George Harold Gendall 26 Schoolmaster of Church Town (Father: George Henry Gendall, Carpeter/Postmaster)

Laura Guy 27 of Boswarthen (Father: Benjamin Guy, Farmer)

Witnesses: George Henry Gendall, Bertha Guy, E. M. Gendall

17 Oct 1903 by Banns

Yves Marie Shotellier 28 Mariner of Heamoor (Father: Yves Shotellier, Railway Guard)

Honor Sophie Dennis 23 of Heamoor (Father: John Dennis, Labourer)

Witnesses: John Dennis, Susan Paul

7 Nov 1903 by Banns

Albert Semmens 18 Labourer of Churchtown (Father: Thomas Semmens, Labourer)

Bessie Stratton 21 of Churchtown (Father: William Stratton, Miner)

Witnesses: William Semmens, W. H. Walters

14 Nov 1903 by Banns

Joseph Angwin Renfree 22 Sailor of Heamoor (Father: James Thomas Renfree, Labourer)

Rhoda Wallis 18 of Heamoor (Father: Philip James Wallis, Labourer)

Witnesses: John Renfree, Mary Elizabth Wallis

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