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Protestation Oath in Madron 1642

The English Revolution (1640-60) began in November 1640 when Charles 1st. summoned Parliament to help him out of a financial crisis. Charles was very unpopular and was forced to agree to radical reforms which gave Parliament a more prominent roll in the constitution.

The political crisis escalated and the "Long Parliament" split into two opposing parties in the Autumn of 1641, forming the King's party of Royalists (Cavaliers) and the Parliamentarians (Roundheads), who demanded further political and religious reforms. The events of 1640/41 led to the Civil War which began in August 1642.

It was agreed and ordered on the 3rd May 1641, that every Member of the House of Commons should make a protestation (declaration of loyalty), which the House of Lords also agreed to the following day.

. The Protestation was to be made by everyone and the Rectors, Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor had to appear before the Justices of the Peace in their region to make their protestation and, on returning to their parishes, any two of them were to witness the taking of the Protestation Oath by all males over the age of 18 years. All names were listed and anyone who refused was to be noted.

The protestation itself reads:-

I,-------- do, in the presence of Almighty God, promise, vow, and protest to maintain, and defend as farr as lawfully I maye, with my Life, Power and Estate, the true Reformed Protestant religion, expressed in the Doctrine of the Church of England, against all Popery and Popish Innovations, within this Realme, contrary to the same Doctrine, and according to the duty of my Allegiance, His Majesties Royal Person, Honour and Estate, as alsoe the Power and Privileges of Parliament, the lawful Rights and Liberties of the Subjects, and any person that maketh this Protestation, in whatsoever he shall do in the lawful Pursuance of the same; and to my power, and as farr as lawfully I may, I will appose and by all good Ways and Means endeavour to bring to condign Punishment all such as shall, either by Force, Practice, Councels, Plots, Conspiracies, or otherwise, doe any Thing to the contrary of any Thing in this present Protestation contained: and further, that I shall, in all just and honourable ways, endeavour to preserve the Union and Peace betwixt the Three Kingdoms of England, Scotland and Ireland: and neither for Hope, Feare, nor other Respect, shell relinquish this Promise, Vow and Protestation.

Alexander Daniell

Lawrence Micchell +

Thomas Sudgeow +

William Nicoll

John Udy jun +

William Michell +

Tho Grosse

Benet Anbone +

John Stephens +

John Cowling

John Mathewe +

John Cowling sen

Robert Colman jun

Edmond Saundrey

Ananias Roberts +

Tho Jenken

John Hugh +

Richard Luddra +

Martin Bosanam

Willm Williams +

John Edye +

James Dingley

Tho Morrish +

William Rodda sen +

William Cowlings

John Trelill +

Sampson Lake +

Thomas Harber

Peter Trelill

John Boddy jun +

John Harbert

Zacharias Champion +

John Rundall +

Nicholas Rawlinges

Mathew Rodda

Tho Lake +

Geeles Thomas +

John Sandry +

Ralph Rodda +

John Boddy jun +

Richard Treviler

Mathew Hoskyn +

Edward Jenken

Samuell Nicholas

Walter Noy

James Davye +

John Joan +

Nicholas Hoskyn +

William Nenys +

Halnight Stephen +

George Cock +

James John +

John Luke +

William Stephens +

Robert Clemowe +

John Argoll +

Richard Mulfra +

Robert Hockin +

John Luke +

Thomas Noye +

Willm Ripp+

Willm Champion +

Samuel Edye +

Rich Lanyon +

Thomas Sampson +

John Roskelly +

John Bonfitt +

Petherick James +

James Noye +

Edward Bone +

John Nowell +

Thomas Saundry +

Thomas Leveles

Rich Champion +

Sampson Thomas +

Thomas Chinalls

George Hoskin +

John Bone +

Hugh Chinalls

Madren Legoe +

Richard Edye +

Will Noye

Richard Legoe

Nowall Argall +

Hormfry Hichen

Peter Legoe +

Samuel EdY jun+

Richa Noye +

Robert James +

Thomas Cocke +

Raph Williams +

John Lanyon +

Will Bone +

William Jenking +

John James +

John Pallas ?

William Mulfra +

John Nickles +

John …ler

William Boskenning +

Willm Micchell+

Francis Lawrey +

Richard Treneare +

John Bewes +

John Berriman

Robert Wheare +

Thomas Holla +

Ralph Noye +

Nich Trick +

Madderne Champion

John Rowlinge +

Digory Glanfild

Thomas Cooke ?+

Sampson Noy

Madren Peers +

Ralph Morish

John Manly +

Otes Nickles +

William Chinalls

Francis Lanion +

John Glass +

Thomas Somer

Christopher Nickeles +

Willm Rodda +

John James vel Mulfra

Nicholas Rawling +

Wm Hall +

John Hooper +

Peter Nickles +

Tho Kerrowe +

Richard Trick +

John Tonken +

Thomas Flemynge

Thomas Legow

William Prust

Jeorge ? Blewet

Nich Hooper +

John Legawe

John Sudgiow

Robert Benny +

Richard Stephen

John Symon +

John Battyn +

William Stephen +

John Stephen +

Bennet Lanion +

Richard Hall +

William Holla

John Paschow +

John Davye +

Henry Newton +

Sampson Lanion +

Madderne Hue +

Henry Genkin +

Martyn Rodda +

John Champion +

Richard Hutchens +

Christopher Boddy

Thomas Holla

John Holla +

Alexander Lanyon +

Zacarias Gregor +

Reynold Harry +

Maderne Bone +

John Sugyowe +

John Holla +

Thomas Calenzo +

James Trenweth +

Robt Colman +

Bennet Davye +

Manuell Sandrye +

John Tricke +

Thomas Edye +

John Robert +

Richard Jacka +

William Busuargus Curat of Penzance

John Kete Vicar

Robart Treuren

Richard Cardew Constables

Thomas Lanion

Nicholas Geneur Churchwardens

John Nicholas

William Davye Overseers