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Madron Parish Records

Penzance Union Workhouse
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Workhouse Burials from St Marys Penzance Records 1851-1865
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The Penzance Union was formed in June 1837.

The workhouse was built at Mount View in Madron in 1838.

A Board of Guardians saw to the operation of the workhouse and these guardians were elected

from the twenty parishes that made up the Union.

The Union comprised of the following parishes: Gulval, Ludgvan, Madron, Marazion, Morvah, Paul,

Penzance, Perranuthnoe, St Buryan, St Erth, St Hilary, St Ives, St Just, St Levan, St Michaels Mount,

Sancreed, Sennen, Uny Lelant, Towednack and Zennor.

The number of guardians elected by the parish was dependent upon the size of their

parish so Penzance elected six, St Ives, Paul and St Just elected four, and the

remaining parishes accordingly to make a total of 44 guardians.

Ordnance survey map 1906 showing Union at Madron
Courtesy of Cornwall Study Centre Redruth

Newspapers gave an idea what was used in Union
Courtesy of Morrab Library Penzance

The workhouse was closed down when the National Health Service was introduced in 1948.

Accommodation block circa 1960
Photograph courtesy of Morrab Library Penzance

The entrance block is now a private house.

The accomodation block was demolished in the 1960s

and the infirmary at rear is used by the Madron Meat Company.